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Heather Llanes ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SuperStar Director


My Story


How I got started with Scentsy:

My name is Heather Llanes, and I am a working mother of five children, ages 8-24. Talk about having your hands full!  In 2008, Hurricane Ike flooded our home 5 feet, and we lost almost everything we owned.  It was hard to start over, but the experience brought our family closer together.  I feel like one of our blessings was finding Scentsy!

My regular job was selling booths for home and garden shows.  Every show, I kept seeing a Scentsy booth and it was extremely busy the whole show.  I decided I needed to find out what was so special about the Scentsy products.  I tried Scentsy with a warmer and a few Scentsy bars, and fell in love with it!    Scentsy works better than any other type of scent system on the market!  Since  I was telling everyone I knew about Scentsy, it only made "scents" that I join and become an Independent Scentsy Consultant. Now, 10 1/2 years later, I am an Independent Scentsy Super Star Director with a team of consultants all over the U.S,  UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico! I can get my own products at a discount, give gifts to everyone for birthdays and holidays, and earn extra money on the side for all the stuff the kids seem to need for school and activities every week! 
I have earned many incentive trips through my Scentsy Business, like to Disneyworld, The Dominican Republic, Hawaii, and a Caribbean Cruise! Free Vacations are an awesome perk to this business!

These products sell themselves.  Once you try Scentsy, you will become a fan just like I did.  Why don't you place an order online today and find out for yourself?  And, if you too want to tell everyone you know about it after trying it like I did, that call me to discuss how easy it is to become a Scentsy consultant.  The complete business Start Up Kit is only $99 plus tax and shipping.  I would love for you to join my team  and help you build a successful business either part-time or full-time, it's up to you!   If you would like to travel to exotic destinations just by working your own Scentsy home based business, then let's talk more!

Thanks for reading my story, and Have a Scentsational and Blessed Day!  

Heather Llanes

Scentsy Independent Super Star Director




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